Step One: Choose your current status.

Brokers who are new to the HomeSteps network and have not taken HomeSteps online training.
Existing HomeSteps Brokers who have completed 2011 online training.
Brokers deemed as Low Volume Brokers by HomeSteps.
P&M, GC, Closing Agents, Appraisal, Eviction Attorneys, Repair Contractors, and other Vendors.
Child User Access Information
  • Go to and in the upper right corner of the screen, click on “Login”
  • Enter the following case sensitive information:
    • Username: firstname.lastname
    • Password: Password1!

If your child user cannot access his or her account, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Name of Child User
  • Supplier ID for Parent User (7 digit number)
  • “hs” number of child user
  • Name of Company
  • Address, City, State and Zip
  • Phone Number
  • Email address
Certified Community Stabilization Expert
The Certified Community Stabilization Expert (CCSE) program has been continuing education certified in the following states:

Click on the appropriate state name to access the information packet per state continuing education requirements.